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KANJ Got Talent - Rules and Guidelines


To enter the  KANJ Got Talent  competition, participants must agree to be bound by the following rules and indicate acceptance while completing their registration.

  1. KANJ reserves the right to solely determine eligibility for the reasons stated herein or on any other reasonable basis.

  2. KANJ reserves the right to make alterations to the rules at any time and participants must agree to abide by the most recent version of the rules.

  3. KANJ volunteers and judges reserve the right to disqualify a participant from an event for improper conduct and behavior.

  4. By entering into any of the competitions, it is agreed that participants will not hold KANJ  or its volunteers responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while in attendance and/or participating. KANJ and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss or damage to either contestants or spectators.

  5. The parents or guardians agree that they will be accompanying the children all the time. KANJ will not be responsible for supervising participants or non-participating  kids.

  6. KANJ reserves the right to take videos and pictures of the participants and competition and publish them to social media platforms or on KANJ  websites. The participants must write an email to before the registration deadline if they wish to exclude their pictures from being published.

  7. KANJ reserves the right to publish poetries, essays, stories, paintings, and drawings submitted in the competitions on the KANJ websites or other media and communications channels.

  8. KANJ is not responsible for any claims of copyright violations.

  9. Organizers reserve the right to cancel a whole event or a specific category within the event in case of any technical reasons without explanation. An event may be canceled  if there are fewer than 3 participants for that event-category. Organizers may change the sequence of events or stages on the event day.


General Rules

  1. KANJ will host several competitions under the “KANJ Got Talent” banner for the following category.

    • Category 1 – 1st grade to 3rd grade

    • Category 2 – 4th grade to 6th grade

    • Category 3 – 7th grade to 10th grade

    • Category 4 – 11th grade and above

  2. There is no gender-based separation for events. All the events are gender-neutral and the participants will compete  together irrespective of gender.

  3. The events will be held on March 18th, 2023 at Cedar Hill Preparatory School. 152 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873.

  4. Participants should be of Kerala origin residing in North America belonging to the tristate regions where at least one of the parents is of Malayalee origin

  5. Participants MUST submit the online registration through registrations are NOT allowed.

  6.  For all group events, the group leaders must register and make payment. Organizers will contact you separately to get the names of all the members of the group

  7. Participants should send their  soundtrack via email to before the registration deadline.

  8. Participants should bring their own supplies (dance costumes, watercolor, pencil, pen, etc.) required for their events. The organizers will provide the paper for written competitions, painting, and pencil sketching. Participants are not allowed to use their own paper.

  9. Participants should report at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the event at the stage/venue. Participants who arrive after the conclusion of their event will not be allowed to participate and their registration for that event will be deemed canceled and the registration fees will not be reimbursed. The participant may still participate in other events for which they have registered provided they show up on time.

  10. The judge's decision will be final and will not be changed.

  11. Participants shall not receive any communication from the organizers if they fail to report at the venue on time.

Competition Rules

  1. Competitions will be conducted based on the following categories:

    • Category 1 – 1st grade to 3rd grade

    • Category 2 – 4th grade to 6th grade

    • Category 3 – 7th grade to 10th grade

    • Category 4 – Above 10th grade (no upper limit)

  2. For administrative purposes, categories are determined based on the grade/class in which the participant is currently studying.

  3. For Group category,  There should be a minimum of  three participants and maximum of 10. The category of the group is determined by the highest category of any of the participants. So for eg:- if there are 5 children in Cat 1, 2 children in Cat 2 and 1 child in Cat 3, the Category of that group will be considered as Cat 3.

  4. False representation of the category will result in disqualification of the participant/team.

  5. Participants can only participate in one category. However, participants may be assigned a different category for a group event based on the age of the other participants in the group.

  6. The parents or guardians should accompany the children all the time. KANJ is not responsible for any issues that may cause.

  7. Points are allocated for events as follows:

    • 1st place – 5 points

    • 2nd place – 3 points

    • 3rd Place – 1 Point


  • For individual events, registration fees are $15 for each event.

  • For group events, registration fees are $15 for each participant.


KANJ Got Talent 2023 Award

The male or female participant (Cat  1, 2, 3) who gets the maximum points will be declared the KANJ Got Talent champion of the year. The points received through the group points will NOT be counted towards this award.

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