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  • Will food be provided at the venue?
    Pizza and water will be provided for all participants. Food will be available to purchase for all others at a nominal rate.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    5th March 2023
  • What are the different events ?
    Solo performance events Classical Music Indian / Light Music Western Music Classical Dance (Bharata Natyam and Mohinyattam only) Folk Dance Cinematic Dance Creative- KANJ Got Talent Painting WaterColor Pencil Sketching Story Writing English Instrumental Music (String) (Piano is excluded from the competition) Instrumental Music (Wind) Public speaking (English) Public Speaking (Malayalam) Group Performance events Cinematic/Light Music Cinematic Dance Classical Dance
  • What are other regulations that I need to know of?
    • Cedar Hill Prep School administration is graciously providing their property to conduct this event as a means to promote the talent and skills of our children, improve the team spirit and also to foster friendship between our little ones. Please be respectful and mindful of their infrastructure and decorum. • All participants are to strictly follow guidelines and instructions from the volunteers. Playing and running around the corridors are strictly prohibited. Repeated violators will be asked to leave the premises and their admission fees will be forfeited. • Your child is your responsibility. There are no baby sitting/child care provided at the venue. For your convenience, we will have retiring rooms for participants for each age category. Participants and parents are expected to be in the retiring rooms if they are not in the respective venue for each event. Participants, especially teens are not allowed to wander around the school property. Your cooperation is really appreciated! • Children should refrain from playing with any school property/infrastructure. All areas are constantly monitored. Parents will solely be responsible for any damages to the school property. • No food is allowed outside the cafeteria. You must finish your lunch in the cafeteria. No exceptions allowed! • A reminder that this is a school property. Alcohol consumption and smoking is strictly prohibited. Please be mindful that this is an event for children. Parents are expected to follow all the rules and regulations for children indicated above.
  • What is the Classical Dance event?
    For this event, we accept registrations for Bharata Natyam or Mohinyattam . Other classical dance categories are not offered for this year.
  • Can a non-keralite participate ?
    For solo events, the participant should be of Kerala origin. (At Least one of their parent should be from Kerala). However, this rule does not exist for Group events. The requirement is that the majority of the participants should be of Kerala origin for Group events.
  • What are the age categories for the competition ?
    There are four different categories for each event. Category 1 – 1st grade to 3rd grade Category 2 – 4th grade to 6th grade Category 3 – 7th grade to 10th grade Category 4 – 11th grade and above For administrative purposes, categories are determined based on the grade/class in which the participant is currently studying.
  • Can Piano or Drums be registered for the ‘KANJ Got Talent’ event?
    The organizers are trying to include a mixed variety of performances for this event. After registration, an organizer will reach out to you and let you know if it has been approved or not.
  • What time is my event ? When should I arrive ?
    Participants will be notified by email about the time of the event.Participants should report at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the event at the stage/venue. Participants who arrive after the event started will not be allowed to participate and their registration for that event will be deemed canceled and the registration fees will not be reimbursed. The participant may still participate in other events for which they have registered provided they show up on time. Events will be staggered as much as possible to allow participants to participate in different events. Due to the preparation and make up time required for dance events, we are looking into starting the dance events later in the day. A final schedule will be provided once the number of participants and items are finalized.
  • How much is the registration fee?
    Registration fee is $15 for each event per participant.
  • What is the ‘KANJ Got Talent’ event ?
    The participants may perform any skills or talents (eg:- Fancy dress, Magic, Acrobatics etc) , The skills should not fall into an already listed category. After you register for the event, organizers will contact you and you will be invited to perform based on the approval. The organizers will try to include a mixed variety of performances for this event.
  • Are there any group events?
    Yes . There are three group events as follows. Cinematic/Light Music Cinematic Dance Classical Dance There should be a minimum of three participants and maximum of 10. The category of the group is determined by the highest category of any of the participants. So for eg:- if there are 5 children in Cat 1, 2 children in Cat 2 and 1 child in Cat 3, the Category of that group will be considered as Cat 3.
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