President George James performed the keys to the first house of the Cancari Care Housing Project – Joseph Edicula.

New Jersey: those under the Kerala Association of New Jersey (kanj) under the auspices of the target to reduce homelessness, which was built in the home of President James George niralambarum nirdhanarum, secretary Deepti Nair, 2018, the Executive Committee, headed by Mr. Joseph announced kanj care such as housing itikkula preajakrrnre Jnan Panchayat Member Adv.KN Sudhakan, Jonson Mamasassery, Panchayat Member Sushma Madhavan Ward Member George, Jinu C Chundy Coordinators of My Palmakuda Confederation, Sibi Rajesh, Shiju Thankachan also took up the key in Ernakulam at Kozhikode. Participants were present at the function.

President George James handed the keys of the house to Muthumalai Ranjith and family in Ernakulam. The Committee selected the first home of the Kanji Care Housing Scheme for Ranjith, who had been lying for years.

Young people in the group of my snake group helped to finish the construction of the damaged work due to flooding, and also helped Kanji in the house-related activities under NSS, Stella Maria College.

James George thanked the Cancies Executive Committee for co-ordinating disadvantages to raise money for the work. The fundraising committee chairman Amanjan George, Dilip Varghese, Thomas Mottakkal, Sridhar Menon, Jibi Thomas Mollaparambil, Roy Mathew, Malini Nair, President James George, General Secretary Deepthi Nair, Treasurer Joseph Idikkula, Baiju Varghese, Jayan A. Joseph, Genome Thampi, Sophie Wilson, sanjivkumar Krishnan, Judy Paul, nor Rana, Rajesh dream, slavery, Abraham, Jose corn, Alex Mathew, Manoj, Smita nanaturayilulla community and the people who work for the success of this project was to contribute generously,

President James George and secretary Deepthi Nair, Treasurer Joseph Idikkala said in a joint statement to the Executive Committee that all of us helped us on this initiative.

Kerala Association of New Jersey (KANJ), one of the largest Malayali organizations in North America, organized the 2019 team inauguration and Republic Day celebrations.  The event was conducted at Edison Hotel Banquet Hall on Saturday, January 26th at 6pm.  Jayan Joseph welcomed everyone to the function.

Nasir Hussain issued a Republic Day message at the eastern end of the event, and he said through the example that the Indian Constitution was better than the Constitution of other countries. He recalled how much our constitutional had helped Indians in the field of social, educational, scientific and technological advancement. He reminded that a 5000-year-old culture has been lifted up and still a beacon of light after independence, it is only because the nation’s sculptures lead in the right direction.

Then James George thanked the audience for the support for their committees 2018 term.  James elaborated on the work that his committee had accomplished including the extremely successful housing project for a disabled young man in Kerala.  Then he went on to introduce the new president Jayan Joseph.

Jayan Joseph, the representative of the second generation of America, had strengthened KANJ’s future hopes. Jayan Joseph requested the support of all the KANJ members through out his term.  The president presented a draft of the committee on the planned activities for the year to the audience.  Jayan went on to introduce General Secretary Baiju Varghese to the audience

Jayan Joseph is the new President, Baiju Varghese’s Secretary and Vijay Karat as Treasurer.

Deepti Nair (Vice President), Sanjeev Kumar(Joint Secretary), Peter George(Joint Treasurer), Ajith Prabhakar (Charity Affairs), Tom Neetikadan (Public and Social Affairs), Princy John Pallathu (Youth Affairs), Preetha Veettil(Cultural Affairs), Manoj Francis (Media & Communication), James George (Ex officio) are the other members of the 2019 committee.

General Secretary Baiju Varghese introduced the Trustee Board chairman Roy Mathew to the audience for the year 2019.

The new trustee chairman Roy Mathew introduced the members of the other trusteeship board. Members of the Trustee Board are John Varghese, Sunny Valiplackal, Sophy Wilson, Jay Kulambil, Rejimon Abraham, and Alex Mathew. Trustee Board chairman Roy Mathew hoped that the new young leadership should be able to show good performance than previous years.

Famous film director Vijesh Mani, India Press Club of North America President Madhu Kottarakkara, FOMAA Judicial Committee Member Alex John, President of Malayalee Association of Philadelphia and Former National Committee Member Cherian Koshy, former President’s Malini Nair, Sheela Sreekumar, Saji Paul, Jay Kulambil, Regimon Abraham, Shawn David, Jiby Thomas, 2018 Treasurer Joseph Idicula, Joint secretary Jinesh Thampi, Gopinatha Nair, Anil Puthenchira, Thangamani Aravindhan, Rukmini Padmakumar, Sunil Veettil, Sudhir, Nina Sudhir, Dr. Smitha Manoj, Sudhakar Menon and Suma Nair, who arrived to wish good luck to the new team.

Songs sung by Roshin Maman and Aswathi was definitely a highlight of the night.  Princy John Pallath was the emcee of the function.  Raju Pallath, Shijo Paulose provided media coverage for Asianet and Mahesh Kumar for Flowers TV along with Sangamam and Ashwamedham representatives. The conference concluded with dinner catered by Aroma Palace.

KANJ has been volunteering at the Hillside Community Food Bank for many years and this year also the team conducted a food drive event on April 6th, 2019.  We are proud to say we helped package over hundreds of boxes with the help of over 25 volunteers which were primarily our youth members.

A youth member of the community stated:  “I feel really good and am happy about what I just did, we should do this again, can we setup another session?  I didn’t know KANJ did things like this.”

This is a project of the KANJ Cares wing and we will continue our charity efforts through out the year.  Thanks to Ajith Prabhakar, our Charity Affairs secretary for coordinating the whole event.

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