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  • When is the registration deadline?
    February 25th 2024 Please be advised that the registration will be closed earlier depending on the number of registrations that we receive and the capacity of the auditorium.
  • Are there any group events?
    Yes . There are two group events as follows. Cinematic Dance Classical Dance There should be a minimum of three participants and a maximum of 10. The category of the group is determined by the oldest participants' grade category. For eg:- if there are five children in 'Category 1', two children in 'Category 2' and one child in 'Category 3', the category of that group will be considered as 'Category 3'.
  • What are the different events ?
    Solo Events Music Classical Music Light Music Indian Music Western Music Instrumental Music (String) (Piano is excluded from the competition) Instrumental Music (Wind) Dance Classical Dance Bharatanatyam Classical Dance Mohiniyattam Folk Dance (Nadodi Nritham or other forms of dances) Cinematic Dance Arts Painting Watercolor Pencil Sketching Story Writing English Performance Public speaking (English/Malayalam ; for Age category 2,3,4) Story Telling (English/Malayalam for Age category 1 ) Creative - KANJ Got Talent Fancy Dress Group events Cinematic Dance Classical Dance
  • How much is the registration fee?
    Registration fee is $20 for each event per participant.
  • What is the ‘KANJ Got Talent’ event ?
    The participants may perform any skills or talents (eg:- Magic, Acrobatics, Monoact etc.). The skills should not fall into an already listed category. After you register for the event, organizers will contact you and you will be invited to perform based on the approval. The organizers will try to include a mixed variety of performances for this event. There is no prize for this event.
  • Is there an event for Piano or Drums?
  • What is the difference between storytelling and public speaking ?
    Children from grades 1 through 3 can participate in Storytelling, while children from grades 4 through 12 will be able to participate only in public speaking. For public speaking , the topic will be announced the day before the event. For storytelling, the participant may choose any topic of their choice.
  • What are the age categories for the competition ?
    There are four different categories for each event. Category 1 – 1st grade to 3rd grade Category 2 – 4th grade to 6th grade Category 3 – 7th grade to 9th grade Category 4 – 10th grade to 12th grade For administrative purposes, categories are determined based on the grade/class in which the participant is currently studying. Kindergarten children do not have a separate category. They are allowed to participate in category-1. But they will be graded along with other participants in category-1.
  • What time is my event ? When should I arrive ?
    Participants will be notified by email about the time of the event. Participants should report at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the event at the stage/venue. Participants who arrive after the conclusion of their event will not be allowed to participate and their registration for that event will be deemed canceled and the registration fees will not be reimbursed. The participant may still participate in other events for which they have registered, provided they show up on time.
  • Can a non-Keralite participate ?
    For solo events, the participant should be of Kerala origin. (At least one of their parents should be from Kerala). However, this rule does not exist for group events. The requirement is that the majority of the students should be of Kerala origin for group events.
  • What is the KGT Star Performer award?
    There will be one KGT Star Performer selected for each Age category based on the following criteria. 1.) Total number of points received for a person from all the participating events. (5 points for First prize, 3 points for second prize and 2 points for third prize ) 2.) Points from the group events are not considered towards the KGT star credit. 3.) One participant may participate up to a maximum of five solo events. 4.) The points received in a solo event will be counted towards the KGT Star Performer award only if there were at least four participants for that specific event. 5.) The performance event “KANJ Got Talent” is not counted towards the KGT Star Performer award.
  • Can any of the events be canceled ?
    There is a possibility that the event may get canceled if we do not receive a minimum of 4 participants. The registration fees will be reimbursed if an event is canceled.
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