On a spring Saturday in 1979, a few Malayalees in New Jersey area gathered under the leadership of Dr. Emmanuel Thomas at the Grace Church premises.

Among many other topics like their childhood in Kerala and parenthood in America, the future of their kids under the influence of the American Culture and media became a subject of detailed discussions and concerns. They thought deeply on the necessity and possibility of a forum for the get-together of the Malayalee Community in the area so that the culture and tradition that we inherited from our ancestors might be kept up forever and be shared to the coming generations too. The discussions that resulted in the formation of an ad-hoc committee, thus giving birth to Kerala Association of New Jersey on the 12th day of May 1979.

It was then registered in the Newark hall of records as a non-profit organization.The inaugural meeting of the association was conducted in the Grace Church Hall in Orange NJ.

Several months of weekly discussions resulted in the formation of a detailed, and a fair constitution. The constitution was adopted and the association started functioning with a General Body and an Executive Committee.

Ever since, all Onams went through the hands of the association. A board of trustee was formed to safeguard the interests and objectives of the association. Many notable personalities including President K. R. Narayan attended the meetings of the Association. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa are still remembered for their good wishes to the Association.