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KANJ provides a platform for the Malayalee community to come together as a whole to celebrate our culture and traditions.  We organize events with the intention of maintaining our rich heritage and providing our children an opportunity to get a glimpse of our culture.  KANJ charity wing has played a major role in organizing events to help the less fortunate here in the United States as well as our brothers and sisters from God's Own Country.  The future of our community is through our children, realizing that KANJ provides a platform for our youth to come together not only through traditional events but through programs that align with the interest of our younger members.
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Dear All,
On behalf of the KANJ election committee I congratulate and declare the following elected officials of the executive committee for the year 2019. These members were elected unopposed in the General Body held on Dec 9th,2018 at Edison Hotel 3050 Woodbridge Ave, Edison. NJ. I request your full support and help for them to make KANJ more productive and fruitful in the coming year.
  1. Jayan Joseph - President
  2. Deepti Nair - Vice President
  3. Baiju Varghese - General Secretary
  4. Sanjeevkumar Krishnan  - Joint Secretary
  5. Vijesh Karatt - Treasurer
  6. Peter George - Joint Treasurer 
  7. Preetha Veettil - Cultural Affairs
  8. Manoj Francis - Media & Publication 
  9. Tom Nettikkadan - Public & Social Affairs 
  10. Princy John - Youth Affairs 
  11. Ajith Prabhakar - Charity Program
Roy Mathew has been elected unanimously as the Trustee Board Chairman
The following members are elected unanimously to a vacant position in
Trustee Board 
  1. Jay Kulambil
  2. Sunny Valiplackal
  3. John Varghese
  4. Sophy Wilson
  5. Rejimon Abraham
Cyriac Kunnath, CPA
Yours Sincerely,
Election Committee Chairman
Roy Mathew

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